We mine leads in several ways:



We have a great network of resources that we’ve built over 20+ years and we exchange leads with each other. Sometimes we get a lead from a product developer. Sometimes it comes from a supplier or packaging company. The good news for you is that when we exchange referrals, it’s at no additional cost to our clients. We do not charge a referral fee, nor do we work with companies that charge us one. We want you to have the best resources at the lowest possible cost.

  • Expo East & West
  • Fancy Foods East & West
  • BevNet Live and BevNet FBU


Word of Mouth

Happy clients are our best source of leads. Many of our clients belong to local, state or regional entrepreneurial groups and they often act as mentors to new startups. We’ve been fortunate that our clients refer us to other people who can benefit from our services.