Our Specialties:  Manufacturing, Supply Chain, Logistics, Quality and Regulatory Processes


Contract Manufacturers
We leverage our 20+ years experience and industry relationships to make contract manufacturing work for your business.

We work with the who’s who of the packaging industry, both primary and secondary.

3rd Party Logistics Providers
On time, as ordered, good quality and competitive. From e-commerce through order fulfillment and from full truck loads to LTL, you need the right resources to move your product.

Whether it’s organic juice concentrates or the newest ingredient, we have your supply covered.

Support Services
Need a resource for regulatory review of your labels? The FDA requires it and we’ve got it covered.

Capital Equipment
When you’re ready for your own production line, we’re ready to serve you.

Have an existing line and need to improve efficiency and decrease COGS? We’ve got the people you need behind you. We stay current on the latest technologies, but we’re also good at building lines for companies on fixed budgets. Our rule of thumb: if you can’t get a return on your investment in three years or less, it’s because you’re not working with us.



If you’re a new brand, we take you from kitchen table to commercial production. If your brand is already in the marketplace, we provide project management for commercialization services.

We take your formula and find the right contract manufacturer for your product based on several factors:  

  • Volume
  • Targeted Geographic Distribution
  • Budget

Certifications are time consuming and document intensive. Typically, a submission package goes to the certification body of the client’s choice (or we recommend one that is a good fit for you).  The challenge for anyone without experience handling this process is that a simple mistake or missing document can delay certifying your brand for weeks. You also may miss an important launch date or not fulfill a commitment to a distributor or customer. We handle the submission package and all the documentation requirements for our clients so they can focus on brand building and selling.

COGS Optimization

We do Cost of Goods optimization with startups or existing brands. For startups,
COGS optimization starts with sourcing and procurement. For existing brands, we analyze current COGS and optimize by deconstructing what you have and rebuilding it using our years of experience in sourcing and price negotiation. On average, we’ve saved our existing brand clients between 22-28%. Of course, savings will be unique to your brand. We’ll do the work for you.

Project Management

Need experienced and reliable project management for your launch? We can manage the process from start to finish. For new brands, there’s a minimum of 120 topline action items across all functions that must be completed for a successful product launch. 60 of them are in operations alone and there are at least 4-5 subtasks for each of these topline action items. Let us manage operations for you, so you can focus on building your brand.


We’ve worked on several custom packaging projects. No challenge is too difficult for us to handle. We work with some of the best packaging companies in North America. Whether it’s design, market research, engineering or custom manufacturing,
we have the experience and the resources.

We were one of the first 3rd party service providers in on the HPP revolution and we worked closely with resources in the EU and Asia to stay current on the status of upcoming technologies. From HPP to pasteurization to retort, low-acid and high-acid aseptic, cold brew to fresh brew, you won’t find many consulting firms that have our experience.
We work with the preeminent product development companies in the U.S.

ongoing operational

We offer clients ongoing operational support through year 3, so they don’t have to invest critical funds in developing and managing full-time staff. What does this mean? We manage your materials and finished goods inventories and take your sales forecast. We then plan production based on your current inventories, producing materials on your behalf to cover your monthly production needs. We charge a flat fee based on number of SKU’s and volume to determine the base hours required to manage your operations. Typically, these are annual agreements that clients can review by request at any time. Doing business is hard enough. Let us make it easy for you!