Entrepreneurs have great vision. We love their creativity and passion, which is why we work with them.

Normally, entrepreneurs take their creativity and passion and develop an idea for a product or brand.  They create a prototype and get feedback. Then they’re told they should hire a 15-year veteran from a large CPG company to help them market their product and another professional to help them sell it.

After all this, they need to make product for the first time, but they have no one with operations experience and are running out of start-up money. So, they hire an intern fresh out of college or a relative recommends a distant cousin who used to work retail. Two to three years in, these entrepreneurs aren’t unable to get product to customers on time and aren’t making margin.

The money in consumer packaged goods is in supply chain and freight — and it’s one of the places that an entrepreneur cannot afford to have experience.

That’s where we come in. Typically, a new brand will not need full-time staff for the first few years. For a fraction of what it costs to hire an experienced full-time operations manager, we provide those functions for you. From sourcing to setup. From packaging to production. From kitchen table to commercialization!

We’ve been there, done that and we’ll help you avoid the pitfalls that affect your business’s bottom line.